Center for Conflict Management (CCM) conducts research and provides training on peacebuilding, conflict management and mediation. The center has a three-fold mandate:

  • Conduct research and promote conflict management with a deeper understanding of the political, social and historical nuances and specificities of the region. We believe that conflict management processes have to be rooted in the local context and unique dynamics of the region. All conflict management processes need to be locally-conceived and owned in order to be truly successful. Our decade-long and ongoing work on regional conflict management has been premised on this insight.
  • Train local scholars and peacebuilders using conflict management tools rooted in the regional socio-political milieu.
  • Help bridge the gulf that exists between professionals who practice conflict management and academics who theorize on conflict management.

Our region of focus, South Asia and the Indo-Pacific, is home to several international and regional conflicts. CCM seeks to study and help manage those conflicts with a locally-rooted philosophy about conflict management, mediation and resolution.

To do so, CCM brings together a unique combination of academics, researchers and practitioners of peacebuilding and conflict management to conduct cutting-edge research, offer consultancy services, and provide training in the broad area of conflict management.

Our work is aimed at coalescing the wealth of research conducted by our academic experts, decades of policy making experience of former practitioners associated with us, and the diverse backgrounds of our research staff.

Our work is supported by state-of-the-art research tools, sophisticated research methodologies, and latest datasets.

At its core, CSDR is a research institution. Our founders, project teams, and the people we work with, approach problems systematically and scientifically. We ask the right questions, and use tools suitable to finding lasting solutions to real world problems. We possess the distinct ability to frame research questions that can address policy challenges. Our efforts guide policy actors and shape opinions on issues that matter the most. Our research also impacts and shapes the narrative, opinions and understanding of the general citizenry. CSDR’s experts and partners are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in policy-making. Currently we have four research centres that build resources, assist in project design, implementation and monitoring, and produce cutting-edge training modules.

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