The Center for Defense and Security (CDS) analyzes all matters relating to military and security policies. We conduct research on areas ranging from nuclear deterrence, arms control, emerging military technologies and doctrines, civil-military relations, counter-insurgency operations, and military procurements.

CDS brings together a unique combination of researchers and practitioners of warfighting and diplomacy to conduct high-quality research on a range of cross-cutting issues converging on the use of force in inter-state relations. The cluster leverages the sharp intellect and unmatched professional experience of its experts to generate in-depth knowledge which is backed by the best available information and robust research methods using cutting-edge research tools.

At its core, CSDR is a research institution. Our founders, project teams, and the people we work with, approach problems systematically and scientifically. We ask the right questions, and use tools suitable to finding lasting solutions to real world problems. We possess the distinct ability to frame research questions that can address policy challenges. Our efforts guide policy actors and shape opinions on issues that matter the most. Our research also impacts and shapes the narrative, opinions and understanding of the general citizenry. CSDR’s experts and partners are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in policy-making. Currently we have four research centres that build resources, assist in project design, implementation and monitoring, and produce cutting-edge training modules.

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