The Center for Cyber, Space and Artificial Intelligence (CCSA) maps the impact of emerging technologies on regional strategic stability. Our core objective is twofold:

  • Nuanced analysis of Artificial Intelligence (AI), space and cyber technology in the Indo-Pacific,
  • Creating conversations around the future outcomes of harnessing related innovations for regional stability and socio-economic progress.

Rapid advancements in AI, cyber, and space technologies are impacting international security and geopolitics.

Defense and security communities in the Indo-Pacific are looking to improve their understanding of the growing synergy between AI and cyberspace, cybersecurity frameworks, hybrid threats, and securitization of space. As a result, national strategies for AI, space and cyber technologies are constantly evolving, and need to be supported by innovative policymaking.

CCSA intends to streamline the conversation around this Fourth Industrial Revolution. We adopt a forward-looking and expansive outlook that can assist regional actors improve upon their strategies to reduce threats within these sectors, and capitalize on opportunities for cooperative action.

Supported by leading experts in the field, CCSA conducts research that guides decision-makers to build transparency and trust around these emerging technologies. CCSA also designs platforms where meaningful conversations on these themes can be held among various stakeholders.

At its core, CSDR is a research institution. Our founders, project teams, and the people we work with, approach problems systematically and scientifically. We ask the right questions, and use tools suitable to finding lasting solutions to real world problems. We possess the distinct ability to frame research questions that can address policy challenges. Our efforts guide policy actors and shape opinions on issues that matter the most. Our research also impacts and shapes the narrative, opinions and understanding of the general citizenry. CSDR’s experts and partners are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation in policy-making. Currently we have four research centres that build resources, assist in project design, implementation and monitoring, and produce cutting-edge training modules.

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