CSDR is committed to sustainable policy change. We actively seek feedback from stakeholders in order to monitor the impact of our work. This constant assessment allows us to fine-tune our policy interventions. This attention to impact is also reflected in the financial management of our projects.


We target all levels of the policy matrix and use tools best suited to impact each level. We view our clients as equal partners and seek to learn from their expertise and experience, creating a fluid two-way communication process. We believe in building lasting relationships with stakeholders, allowing us to create networks of experts and practitioners in line with our vision.

Program Management

Our comprehensive portfolio includes short-term research projects, high-profile regional dialogues, and everything in-between. We maintain rigorous project and financial management policies, on par with global monitoring and evaluation standards. Our strength lies in long-view planning, risk assessment and mitigation, and transparency and accountability to our clients, stakeholders, and partners.

Our experience managing large projects allows us to anticipate major contextual changes and mitigate their impact. Being situated in a region of inescapable conflict poses challenges for impactful action. We offer solutions that are politically pragmatic, context specific and locally owned.